Our Partnership

Bilview Energy Limited incorporated in 1994, offers world class geophysical service to the Oil and Gas industry using the best software technology and modern state of the art equipment, with a combination of skilled personnel. Unique technologies only available through Bilview to reduce risk and improve the recovery of oil and gas through the use of our state-of-the-art West Africa data centre WADC in Port Harcourt, or clients site if requested.

Bilview geophysical company is a Nigeria geosciences, data, software and service provider. Bilview specializes in the design, acquisition and processing of 2d and 3d multi client seismic and airborne geophysical surveys worldwide. Bilview offers an array of exploration data products, an extensive online database of digital well logs, integrated data solution and highly advanced imaging and data processing techniques.

Bilview extensive seismic processing and software capabilities include specific  imaging techniques such as pre-stack depth migration, amplitude variation with offset (AVO) processing and corridor stacks that are performed on both new and existing 2d and 3d exploration data sets.

Bilview imaging and data processing centers are located in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. Bilview energy share a corporate digital security measures, hardware and human resources resulting in shorter and more cost-effective project cycle. The same benchmark quality will assurance procedures and software for processing commercial multiline data library will be successfully utilized.

Bilview Energy local operational capacity, commercial expertise and market awareness with years of experience in the global seismic industry to data management, acquisition, processing and interpretation capabilities.

Bilview will run design, acquisition and processing for seismic and airborne geophysical surveys; carry out data loading, platform transfer and workstation-related computing task and even help out in surface consultancies and exploration services. The venture will interpret seismic and well data to create local and regional exploration frameworks to provide an overview of prospectively and/or create basin wide interpretation.



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