Bilview provides a full range of acquisition service which include:

• Land/marine 2D and 3D Seismic Data Acquisition

• Ocean Bottom cable (OBC) Seismic Data Acquisition

• Wide Azimuth (WAZ) Seismic Data Acquisition


we have extensive 3D Seismic Data Acquisition experience using multiple vessels. the company's fleet can offer up to eight steamers, 9000m steamer length and 800m towing width meeting both internal and external needs.


in order to acquire 3D seismic data in a safe and effective manner in shallow and congested areas Ocean Bottom cable (OBC) is the preferred acquisition technique. OBC also offers the benefit of wide azimuth coverage and advance rock property analysis due to multi-component recording. Wide Azimuth acquisition require a fleet of seismic vessels to obtain optimal illumination of the subsurface targets. The benefits of this sophisticated acquisition technique have been proven in subsalt plays.


Seismic Data Processing

Bilview performs state-of-the-art seismic data processing using ground-breaking techniques to increase accuracy. The extensive experience of our processing team allows for the delivery of high quality data. We have the technology, expertise and ample resource to meet the highest geophysical objectives required in today's quest for hydrocarbons. We are also continually developing new technology and work flows as well as enhancing ones. Bilview processes both 2D and 3D data, with products and service which include:

• Depth and imaging

• Marine, Land, OBC, Transition zone processing

• Wide azimuth data processing

• Anisotropic imaging (VTI and TTI)


Out time imaging team has the capability of performing advanced signal (time) processing for data conditioning as well as interactive data analysis and integrity validation (QC). In addition, tools are available for qualitative gather conditioning and AVO analysis for both time and depth gathers.

Bilview user a multi-function exploration software suite that seamleely incorporates a seismic data processing and imaging system with AVO analysis and pre-stack interpretation capabilites all within one product.

• Imaging system of seismic data processing

• Prestack AVO analysis

• 2D and 3D data sets Interpretation capabilities

• Robust algorithms

• Interpretation capabilities

• Robust algorithms

• Flexible resource optimization tools

• 32-bit and 64-bots systems

• Prospect level and regional surveys

• User friendly

• Integrates with other geosciences application using Open Spirit


Seismic Data Interpretation

Bilview Project team possess experience in integrated seismic interpretation focusing on:

• Data specific processing, inversion and interpretation.

• Qualitative integrated interpretation in the seismic workstation environment.

• Case studies and quantitative modeling of key basin segments and potential field anomalies.


Reservoir studies and reservoir optimization

Bilview carry out reservoir studies and reservoir optimization activities to locate, characterize and optimize oil and gas reservoirs.

We are our considerable in-house experience and specialized expertise with full spectrum of our exploratory software to truly understand your reservoirs and to more accurately model and forecast their production.

We exist help you produce increasing amount of oil and gas daily, while maximizing ultimate hydrocarbon recovery from your fields. Our fundamental and basic measurement provide the foundation for determining how much oil and gas present in a reservoir and the rates at which the hydrocarbon can be produced.


Data Management

Bilview offers a full range of Data management services.

Our teams of geosciences employ a stepwise approach to managing geoscientific data, these steps integrate:

• Data Audit-What data do you have, where is it kept, what condition is it in?

• Data Management Plan-A Customized roadmap for your company, current status and action plan.

• Data inventory, Cleaning and Remastering-Putting the house in order.

• Data Management Procedures-Implementing the plan.

• Ongoing Maintenance-Keeping in all working collection of raw data, including digitizing, scanning of paper seismic, log and map data.


As part of this stepwise approach to data management, additional solutions can be generated on a project, regional or company-wide level to include:

• Data validation and cleanup and copy service

• Offsite data storage service at secured, climate controlled environment

• Database development and data loading

• ongoing maintenance of field data assets


We collect raw data, including digitizing and scanning of paper seismic, log and map data. We have specialized procedures for copying of digital data to new media, including handling of old 9 track and 21 track tapes and using stiction evens to handle difficult to read tapes. Also we have tool for reviewing data quantity, identify and fixing data problems and highlighting data inconsistencies from different sources.

We establish, load and maintain a data management system for geosciences data and practice the best management procedure in maintaining data integrity.


Service will be Provided through the use of our state-of-the-art facility. The centre is equipped for seismic processing and interpretation, tape copy and transcription data storage and management. We also have equipments for marine service and seismic acquisition.

The dimension of our secured and climate controlled office building are:

Main Processing centre -36.5m2

Data Storage Building - 25M2

Ample space for expansion to accommodate paper and tape storage


Marine Service

Bilview Energy Partner Geox UK, Capital Signal Trinidad and Tobago: Specialist provider of geo technical service, manning, supply vessels, tug boats, project management and logistics solutions to the offshore oil and gas industry.


We will sectors of the offshore oil and gas industries, we provide crews and services of vessels and installation such as offshore support vessels, specialist construction vessels and dredges.


Bilview Energy also has wide ranging capabilities in the provision of a variety of supervisors and management for offshore contraction and maintenance project.


We provide expert guidance and consultancy on complex marine operations, responding with valid manning solution whether short or long term and HOC or permanent, ranging from simple placement to entire One-Stop-Shop Solution & ROV REMOTELY OPERATED VEHICLE.



• Underwater Service:

• Underwater cutting & welding

• underwater photography

• underwater inspection and survey

• underwater Ship Repair

• Water intake Pipeline cleaning & Maintenance

• Salvage & wreck removal

• Underwater foundation works



• Towing operation and harbor service

• Supply and anchor handling service for oil and gas platforms

• Floating crane & Barge service

• Salvage and recue service

• Dredging Service



• Installation and repair of marine fenders and Navigation aids system

• Harbor quay construction and repairs

• Marine inspection and survey



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