Our Services


Bilview Energy Limited is licensed by the NIGERIA COMMUNICATION COMMISSION (NCC) to render the Satellite Telecommunication and Internet Services.

Bilview Energy Limited is licensed by the NIGERIA ELECTRICITY REGULATORY COMMISSION (NERC) as a Meter Asset Providers (MAP), to carry out importation of PREPAID AND SMART METERS with the view of setting up local manufacturing/assembling plant of the meters in Nigeria.

Bilview Energy Limited is licensed by the MINISTRY OF PETROLEUM RESOURCES (DEPARTMENT OF PETROLEUM RESOURCES) to render the following services:

i. Exploration and Production Services
ii. Drilling and Mub logging
iii. Pipeline Security
iv. Onshore and offshore Pipeline laying
v. Manpower Supply and Training
vi. Offshore Marine Service

Bilview Energy Limited carries out reservoir studies and reservoir optimisation activities to locate; characterise and optimise oil and gas reservoirs. The company uses considerable in-house experience and specialised expertise with full spectrum of software to truly understand customers’ reservoirs and to more accurately model and forecast their production.

The company is here to help customers produce increasing amounts of oil and gas daily, while maximising ultimate hydrocarbon recovery from fields. Bilview’s fundamental and basic measurements provide the foundation for determining how much oil and gas are present in a reservoir and the rates at which the hydrocarbon can be produced.

Bilview Energy provides world class Oil and Gas Drilling services for Land and Offshore Operationsincluding Rig Supply, Hoisting and Operations, using state of the art drilling technologies and highly trained personnel in oil and gas business.

We can provide a fleet of high performing, technically dependable drilling rigs with low-risk drilling opportunities and our strategic relationship with world’s best drillers and drilling rigs manufacturers, we also have the capacity to manage drilling operations for third parties, E & P Companies who invest in rig acquisitions but prefer to outsource the technical expertise, human resource management, community relations, logistics, security and other support services required to successfully deliver such projects.

Our friendly strategies for our operations has seen Bilview successfully developed policies to project its workforce, the environment and other ecologically sensitive regards for people and environment over profit.

Bilview Energy provide expert guidance and consultancy on complex marine operations, responding with valid manning solutions whether short or long term, and ad hoc or permanent, ranging from simple placement to entire One – Stop – Shop solutions & ROV.

On the complex environment market, Bilview Energy Limited, in addition to the traditional disposal of waste, provides a wide spectrum of environmental services ranging from environmental engineering to consultancies.

Environmental Services: chemical and soil remediation, site assessment and compliance, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Evaluation Report, Environmental Audit Report (EAR) and Effluent Monitoring.

Waste Handling: Drill cuttings/soil treatment, waste water management, sewerage and solid waste management, cleaning of waste pits, toxic and hazardous waste disposal and engineering.

Other environmental services include: Borehole drilling, construction of high stanchions and overhead tanks, reticulation, design and fabrication of water treatment plant.

Bilview Energy provides comprehensive technical training for oil and gas companies to assure a safe and productive workplace with training centers in Port Harcourt, Abuja, In-House and On-Site Field for Clients.

Our technical training solutions are designed and delivered to ensure that your employees have the knowledge, skills and tools necessary to deliver operational excellence.

We also aim to develop the strength of individuals, encouraging development and spending time coaching and mentoring delegates to reach their full potential. We also give individual feedback, allowing the opportunity for reflection within each learning outcome

Our broad range of solutions is delivered through classroom instruction, team planning sessions, personal/group competence assurance programs, and auditing processes. Our Instructors have valuable experience in a variety of situations, and are qualified in training, coaching and assessment of personnel.

Bilview Energy Limited Geoscientists can offer a range of interpretations either to support the seismic processing activities or for client requested interpretation projects. These would include structural and stratigraphic interpretations of either 2-D or 3-D data. Our specialists can develop regional local structural framework, all the way to prospect generation and support of exploration decisions.

Our experts can generate structural maps, depth conversion as necessary, generate isochore maps and overlay other geological information as available.

All of our international experts have many years of experience in many different geological settings, and we combine this expertise with local experts knowledgeable about the local depositional and structural patterns.

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